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Dutch Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress

the 6th annual

"The Cycle of Life"
nourishing health throughout the seasons

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  Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th of November 2023 - ONLINE


Dear colleagues,


I hope this message finds you well. I'm excited to announce the 6th Dutch TCM Congress (DTCMC) in 2023. This year, we have the privilege of hosting more than 25 respected speakers from various countries like the United States, Australia, China, Israel, and different parts of the European Union. They will share their knowledge and experience on preventing and treating various health issues, exploring TCM theory, and teaching Qigong practices.


The main goal of the Dutch TCM Congress is to bring together different medical practices to serve our health. We want to provide TCM practitioners with the tools and knowledge to better understand ancient texts, modern medical advances, and how to use them. This platform offers a place for renowned TCM and integrative medicine experts, scholars, teachers, and practitioners to share their wisdom and experiences.


Life is about more than just staying healthy throughout the seasons, it is also about finding the balance of working, resting and enjoying. I hope this congress inspires you to discover more and better ideas on nourishing your body and mind, throughout the seasons.


I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Weixiang Wang, President DTCMC


Previous Visitors


Nancy Wong

The biggest insights I got from the DTCMC Congress, was that Zhong has grown tremendously, evident by the worldwide network with many international speakers and that Zhong has developed into a very professional organization, where you can also get to know new speakers, but also deepen your knowledge in different fields, also the scientific. I'm already looking forward to next year, which new speaker and new topics await us.

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Jerrell Waterval

The DTCMC is always a unique opportunity to learn from others, to have a look in the kitchen of others and have a taste. Many different workshops following one another in short a time seems tailor-made for me.

I certainly try to apply the insights obtained. I consider these insights as eye-openers, points of attention, which make me aware of what other additional possibilities there are in my field of TCM. I can only say that I like the idea that we as TCM therapists can meet occasionally through DTCMC and be allowed to go and have a look in the other kitchen, in order to exchange more.

Corinne Buschhüter BW.jpg

Corinne Buschhüter

DTCMC had the perfect combination of theory blended with practice, as well as professionalism and personal touch.

I could feel that the team set up the event from their hearts and soul!

The same is to be said for the renowned speakers who inspired me each in their own way!


Renate IJkhout

I really enjoyed how the teachers shared their knowledge. The wisdom and passion that came to me through the screen made me even more enthusiastic!


The Cycle of Life, Nourishing Health Throughout the Seasons

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Meet Our Team


Wang Weixiang


Dôpey Calor


Angie Calor-Man


Mieke Maertens

Ronald de Wee

Maritza Seeto

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