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the 7th annual

Dutch Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress

"Nan Jing"

Overcoming the 81 Difficulties


join our three day "blended" event

19 October 2024 - ONLINE

2 & 3 November 2024 LIVE

venue: Restaurant-Hotel WINGS

Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045AP Rotterdam


Academic Team


Prof. Dr. Wang Weixiang - Congress President

The Dutch TCM Congress (DTCMC) aims for full-on medical integration, by supporting TCM practitioners in deepening their understanding of classical literature and by broadening their knowledge in traditional and modern medicine. During my 34 years as a TCM practitioner, I have delighted in witnessing first hand these changes and developments, and I am especially proud to play a part in the Dutch TCM education, practice and association ever since I moved to The Netherlands more than 20 years ago.

Mieke Maertens - Academic Advisor

During my 47 years of work experience in Africa, Asia and Europe, both in medical centres and universities (where I was part of scientific research teams) as well as in my private TCM practice, the importance of up-to-date information has always been crucial for the quality of my work. Merging new TCM knowledge, science and passionate speakers from all over the world in our DTCMC congress, can have a big impact in the daily practice of TCM practitioners. This is why I am a member of the DTCMC team!


Managing Team


Dôpey Calor - Operational Director

It is truly an honour and a blessing to be part of another DTCMC Congress.

Working on such a large international congress can be very demanding and sometimes even daunting, but this only makes it more gratifying in the end. What makes DTCMC truly unique is how it assembles the global international community of traditional medicine. This is exactly what we must strive for - a global, accessible and inclusive integrative medicine for all mankind.

Angie Calor-Man - Managing Director

I am proud to be part of such a talented, fun & motivated team.

Working with the speakers, the Zhong office, our DTCMC team and the volunteers has been a great experience. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and learn new skills. It’s gratifying to know my work is contributing to the mission of the congress, which I believe has and will continue to promote, inform, educate & advocate to unite and integrate the TCM profession.


Our 2023 Volunteers

Dr. Yuguo An NL
Josh Barrow UK
Karel Blontrock NL
Dr. Lin Chen NL
drs. Ga Fung Chong NL
Aylin Genc PL

Ayelet Harpaz NL
Grace Hu NL
Jili Liang NL
Teresa Pinto NL
Dr. Tianrong Ren NL
Carla Verhaaf NL

Special thanks to
Natasja Peijer, Marianne Schlicher
& Lisanne van Beek

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