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Dutch Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress

the 6th annual

"The Cycle of Life"
nourishing health throughout the seasons

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Call for Papers as part of the Dutch TCM Congress 2023

Our call for papers is now open to all TCM graduates, who want to share their experiences through our digital journal to which our participants will have access to, after the congress.  DTCMC encourages paper submissions on any topic or research related to the practice of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina, Qi Gong and Shiatsu.


Papers can be related to; a typical case report or clinical medical report, or an experimental medical report.

The exploration of  new theories and/or new techniques, integrative medicine and prevention, all of this can form the basis of the paper. 


Be aware, we only accept “unpublished “ papers so that we do not interfere with the rights of published authors.

All papers written in  English or Dutch should be submitted as a structured abstract ( max. 500 words, Arial 11 pt/normal/single line spacing) consisting of the title of the paper and the authors’ names, the aim of the study, the methodology, the results and the conclusions, and should be sent to in two formats: Word and PDF.                                 

Please add the correspondence; name and email address. After the congress you will be rewarded with a DTCMC certificate. As an added incentive, we may provide the opportunity to present the paper at one of our future congresses.

Submission will be accepted until October 20th 2023 at the latest.

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